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FileQ for iPhone available now!

What is FileQ?

FileQ is large file transfer service that can be used free of charge. I will keep it until 1572MB and less and 5 days. The file receiver can download the file by special URL and the password notified with mail.

How with FileQ to send files.

1,Please confirm the address that inputs E-mail Address of the receiver well.
2,The file that transmits is selected pushing "Browse..." button.
3,The addressor Senders Name and E-mail Address are arbitrarily input.
4,The file is transmitted pushing "Send it!" button.


1. Receiver's E-mail address, You can specify the addresses up to 10.

2. Files to send (up to a total of 1572MB, storage time 5 days)

4. Your name (optional)
5. Your E-mail address (optional)
6. E-mail Title (optional)
7. E-mail Comments (optional)
FileQ Terms of Service