Q:Who has managed FileQ?

A:LISONAL Ltd. manages it. Corporate profile(Japanese site)

Q:How do it become it when it makes a mistake in E-mail Address?

A:It reaches the E-mail Address when E-mail Address exists. When E-mail Address doesn't exist, it returns to FileQ as an error, and it is annulled.

Q:How many is the maximum size of the file that can be up-loaded?


Q:How many days has the up-loaded file been preserved?

A:It is preserved between 5 days, and the up-loaded file is deleted automatically afterwards. Please download the file between 5 days or less.

Q:OS and a browser that corresponds to service?

A:We confirmed it, OS:WindowsXP SP2 or later, Windows VISTA, MacOS X 10.5
Browser:IE6,IE7,IE8,Firefox2.x or later

Q:Can the file be sent to two or more addresses at the same time?

A:The file can be sent to ten addresses or less.

Q:Can two or more files be sent at the same time?

A:Three files or less can be sent.

Q:It is displayed, "The password is wrong".

A:The password when the file is downloaded distinguishes capital letters and small letters, and Please input it noting 1(one) and l(alphabet), etc. The password described in mail is done pasting copy & and it tries again.

Q:Can the file be sent to foreign countries?

A:The country especially used is not limited in FileQ. However, our server from foreign countries might be generally inferior in respect of the performance and reliability because it is far from the network compared with use by the country. Please actually try and confirm whether it is possible to use it.

Q:The screen of FileQ cannot be displayed.

A:In PC in which the anti virus software is installed, the screen of FileQ might not go out, and after the operation of the anti virus software is turned off once, it tries again.

Q:I want to question by telephone.

A:Please do not go, and acknowledge the support by the telephone.

Q:It doesn't understand who the sender is.

A:Cannot do the question of the sender. Therefore, it cannot answer the question concerning the sender at all. When the sender fills in E-mail Address and the name, it is displayed in the mail that reaches hand.

Q:The download trial frequency has exceeded five times.

A:It doesn't respond to easing the download frequency to any case. Please request sending again to the sender.

Please send an inquiry other than the above to .