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FileQ for iPhone available now!

What is FileQ?

FileQ is large file transfer service that can be used free of charge. I will keep it until 1572MB and less and 5 days. The file receiver can download the file by special URL and the password notified with mail.

How with FileQ to send files.

1,Please confirm the address that inputs E-mail Address of the receiver well.
2,The file that transmits is selected pushing "Browse..." button.
3,The addressor Senders Name and E-mail Address are arbitrarily input.
4,The file is transmitted pushing "Send it!" button.


1. Receiver's E-mail address, You can specify the addresses up to 10.
2. Files to send (up to a total of 1572MB, storage time 5 days)

Important Notice:
Thank you for always using FileQ.
This time, FileQ had May 31, 2019 due to the deterioration of facilities.
I decided to pause once.
Thank you for using FileQ for over 10 years.
In addition, I think if you can revive in any form
There is no plan for now.
Once the time is decided, we will report again.
Thank you for your business.
4. Your name (optional)
5. Your E-mail address (optional)
6. E-mail Title (optional)
7. E-mail Comments (optional)
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